TRU 2005

Theocratic Research Utilities

The Theocratic Research Utilities (TRU) are a collection of freeware programs for Windows that work with the Watchtower Library to make your personal Bible research more productive and enjoyable. The final release includes the following programs: TruStudy and TruList.

NOTE: As of 2016, the TRU programs and data files are no longer being updated.


Combining features from the "Text for the Day" and "Theocratic Librarian" programs, TruStudy works with the Watchtower Library to make study and research more convenient.

Main Features

  • The Study Assistant window provides easy access to information from the Daily Text, Theocratic Ministry School schedule, and Congregation Book Study schedule. With one click, source material is displayed in the Watchtower Library.

  • Read the Bible in a Year - By following the included schedules, the entire Bible can be read in a year.

  • Notes - Each day of the year can have brief notes attached to it.

  • A customizable Study Menu displays research options at any time. Simply click the tray icon or use a custom hot key to display the menu.

  • Quick Topic - One click access to the Search, Index, Bible, Insight, and Publication functions of the Watchtower Library. By first highlighting a word or phrase, TruStudy can automatically display the selected topic in the Watchtower Library for you.


TruList works with the Watchtower Library to make the creation of scripture lists easy. This program is a replacement for the "NWT Lister" program.

Main Features

  • The program maintains a list of every scripture reference you enter and allows easy viewing of each item. Comments and references may be mixed in the list, providing an ideal method for making scripture lists.

  • Scriptures can be collected from the Windows Clipboard or a text file. Simply copy text containing scripture references to the Clipboard and paste it into TruList. You can then view the information in the Watchtower Library or copy it back to the word processor.

  • Lists can be saved as language independent ".TRL" files. Since only scripture citations (not the actual scripture text) are saved, these files are small and may be opened by others with a different language.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I add the full Daily Text with comments?

If you have the Watchtower Library for the current year, simply right-click the Daily Text area of the Study Assistant and select Import from the pop-up menu.

How do I add the Congregation Bible Study schedule?

While displaying the Bible Study tab, right-click on an item in the Bible Study area and select Edit from the pop-up menu. In the dialog box that appears, enter the Bible Study item for that date (for example, jd chap.14 par.18-26).

Can I run the programs from a portable USB drive?

Yes. Simply copy the TRU folder from your Program Files folder to the USB flash drive or use the included PortableTRU tool to do it for you.